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Eccentric Hamstrings, Big Sport and Pioneering Research Groups

Gambling’s Social Influences & Sex as a Natural Hypnotic

Concussion in Sport & A Hard Days Night

Can Nemo Get Home? & African Childbirth Stories

Stronger After Stroke & Square Eyes or All Lies?

Falling Over & Egyptian Tents

Flavonoids & Memory & Law and Climate Change

Sports Talent & The Silent Game

Arsenic vs Water: A bigger problem that you drink

Pigments, Plums & Pulses: The search for cardioprotective natural products

Fit4Two: The Business of Pregnancy Research

Don’t Feed The Trolls

Old Husbands’ Tales

Coaching the Coach

Hypermasculinity and Sports

Feet First: A tale of science and serendipity

Interview with Michael Schubert

Camels, Places and People

Gentrification and the Green Bans

Superheroes & Fascism

In Search of Silence

Hearing Colours Seeing Sounds: Lessons from Synaesthesia

Listen: Stop Doing So Much Work

Female Chinese Australians: A Feminist Tale of Multiculturalism

Super Rich and Cities

Climate Change – Personal Experience Catalyses Acceptance and Motivation

Factory Farming and Urban Planning: Killing two million birds with one zone.

Alternative Media is Alive and Well

Compression Obsession

Berlin’s Stolpersteine – Remembering in the City

Climate Change: Coming Ready or Not

Deconstructing Pride

Searching for the Sound of Sunlight

What The Antarctic Teaches Us About The Science Of Space Exploration

How Old Is Your Lobster? A Scientific Quest

Doing Ethnographic Research In The Himalayas When An Earthquake Strikes

Poverty Porn How Journalists, Audiences And Researchers Produce Stigma

When Festivals Go Wrong

Childbirth, Midwives, Hospitals And Home, And Never The Twain Shall Meet

LSE Conversation on Race Blog – Special Presentation

LGBTI & Disaster Relief

Walk a Mile in My Shoes : Teaching & Learning Empathy

Navigating the City as a Young Muslim

Jellyfish: Aliens, Assassins or Adventurers

Graffiti, Street Art, Crime and Creative Cities

Seasons of Change: Nature vs Calendars