Deconstructing Pride




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  • Deconstructing Pride

Pride gets a bad press, and Dr Lisa Williams is a researcher with a very different view on the value of pride, its role in our personal interactions and mechanisms by which we can investigate this topical emotion. Too much or too little is not the question; it is about the value proposition that pride represents in your life story.

Dr William’s innovative work started out as a discussion with her PhD supervisor, drawing on her experience of the college rowing team (and all those early morning starts in bad weather). Her unique person-centered approach to the emotional drivers of our behaviour has allowed her to extend her investigation into a pioneering real time study of the role of pride in the blood donation experience.

Beyond that, her research on pride provides valuable insights with regard to management, sports, parenting and social normative paradigms, challenging many long held “beliefs” from the perspective of research derived conclusions.

lisa wiliams

Dr Lisa A Williams is a social psychologist. Her research interests include the dynamics between emotional experience and social interaction. Specifically, her research considers positive emotions that arise in the context of social interactions – namely pride, gratitude, compassion, and admiration. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology, University of New South Wales. Her research is funded by the Australian Research Council as well as the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.