Jellyfish: Aliens, Assassins or Adventurers

Producer : Michael Schubert


Jellyfish are a poorly understood member of “the other 99%” as the invertebrates are known. A simple creature, floating, stinging eating, and breedingĀ en masse. Jellyfish blooms are sometimes huge, exceeding 1,000 km in length, and it’s completely natural.

Blooms occur worldwide and to some it seems they are becoming more prevalent, or perhaps they are now being monitored more closely. Immense blooms compromise fisheries, sinking boats and destroying captive breeding pens. The also enter industrial sites using seawater intake for cooling – air conditioning plants, desalination plants, nuclear plants and nuclear aircraft carriers. All have fallen victim to jellyfish.

How big, how bad and why? Michael Schubert talks with Lisa Gershwin aka Dr Jellyfish.

Current Oriented Swimming by Jellyfish
Dr Lisa Gershwin

Koop Jellyfishes
Deya Dova – Jellyfish