Don’t Feed The Trolls





Producer: Michael Schubert

Don’t Feed The Trolls : The Dark Side of Social Media

Social media has a dark side, and the emergence of trolls and their behaviours and motivation has fascinated Dr Evita March.  Is it just a case of the “dark personality traits” or could there be more to the story?  Trolls are different to cyber-bullies, they are unknown, untrackable and unfortunately unavoidable.  And there is very little research.  Evita and her colleauges are on a troll hunt, seeking to find out more.


Dr Evita March is a lecturer and researcher in psychology at Federation University, Melbourne, Australia.  Evita’s areas of research expertise include mate preferences, personality, and online behaviours.

She is currently involved in research exploring predictors of online antisocial behaviours and mate strategies.  Evita is a member of the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists [SASP], and is currently the Deputy Group Administrator for the Federation University Sex Gender and Relationships Research Interest Group.


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The dark side of Facebook®: The Dark Tetrad, negative social potency, and trolling behaviours.