Walk a mile in my shoes … teaching and learning empathy.

Producer: Michael Schubert


Empathy. Is it something that can be learned or taught? This was the question Dr John Malouf considered when he conducted a meta-analysis of teaching empathy, which shows it can be done. Some do better than others, some have it trained out of them in the military and some violent offenders may benefit from being prescribed empathy training. Dr Malouf considers the options and chooses to create an online resource for empathy training.


Associate Professor John Malouf is a clinical psychologist and researcher based at the University of New England. He has an international reputation in behaviour modification and is known for his engaging presentations and critical thinking. Most of Associate Professor Malouff’s research focuses on evaluating the efficacy of (a) methods of coping with stressors, (b) types of psychotherapy, (c) self-help materials for psychological problems, and (d) methods used to increase adherence to recommendations of health professionals.

His recent meta-analysis has led to the development of a research program to determine the effectiveness teaching empathy via the internet. Please contact Dr Malouf directly if you are interested in this project. A link will be placed here when the trial commences online.


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