When Festivals Go Wrong




  • Producer Michael Schubert
  • When Festivals Go Wrong

You know what it’s like.  You’ve saved for months and queued for hours just to buy the ticket.  It’s a big event, a festival, big for you and logistically bigger for the organisers.  When the bands are great, or the sport is incredible or the religious experience is humbling, life is good.  That’s when festivals go right, but sometimes festivals go wrong.  Like the Love Parade in 2010 in Germany; the Cambodian Crush or the Hajj Pilgrimage in 2015 – people die.

To anticipate and prevent such tragedy the Event Manager is part engineer; part psychologist; part sociologist; and a human resources manager capable of micro managing as well as seeing the big picture.  And all without the participants knowing it is even happening.

Michael Schubert talks with Dr Peter Wynn-Moylan, of Southern Cross University, who is currently writing the book on Event Management.


Dr Peter Wynn-Moylan


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